What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching is a process of the coach and client working together on a one to one session to get clarity of where you are, create vision of who you want to be. Being who you really are gives you self-expression and freedom. The freedom to choose wisely. Customised one to one coaching gives you bonus years. What you wish to do and think is difficult, becomes very easy. A coach helps reframe your mindset. A reframed mindset with freedom and self-expression makes it possible to achieve your goals and build your future. With this new strength you find clarity of who you are and who you wish to become. This is an opportunity to choose to create new possibilities. The process of coaching is the journey of self-discovery, where you reach into your inner intelligence and use it to achieve your goals.



What are the benefits of Coaching?

“Coaching is not another ‘how to’course. It is a powerful alliance between two people that produces exceptional results.” ~ David Rock

Coaching is a process of your experience of greater confidence, self-awareness, courage to create bigger dreams, new habits, new behavior and personal satisfaction. As a new ‘you’ emerge, you will get to know your values and the alignment to your inner self. You are able to make conscious decisions to make things happen. Living life as human being versus human doing. A question for you: “One year down the road, where do you see yourself?” Do you want to have a glimpse into the crystal ball? Give me a call at (65) 93636559 or dial “yeodolly”. Alternatively, you can email me at dolly@mindset-coaching.com for more information and details.

A glimpse of my experience of being coached:
“During the process of being coached, I found gems along the way and yes, warts as well. I called them warts because they hinder my smooth transition to quality living. It was very uncomfortable at first. The encouragement and support of my coach together with my courage & action helped me break my pattern! I found courage to replace wishing to willing to take action!
A Coach motivates and provides positive feedback. Keeps you focus on where you are and where you want to go. Positively showing you your blind spots!
Things that I thought were very difficult are becoming easier, goals that I had been thinking and thinking and thinking for five years come true within eight months of being coached! One to one coaching has given me bonus years!
Each encounter and exploration is enriched by extraordinary experiences by an ordinary person. I can do it, so can you!

~ Dolly Yeo



Why Coaching?

Do you want to continue thinking of doing something and find yourself still thinking of it three years down the road? Five years down the road?

If you are one of those who are too busy working, have no work life balance or do not enjoy what you are doing, stressed out, feeling that you are in a ‘stuck’ state, in the rut or bored. If you are invited to attend a self development course, or a seminar or workshop, take it! Or you happened to surf the internet and found something inspiring, about living life purposefully. It may be your chance to walk into a door that has been opened and you either have not seen it, or not aware that it is there or choose not to walk through.

You will know it when it happened. Sometimes a crisis and sometimes a crossroad, whatever it may be, it would definitely takes courage to do something different that adds value to your life. With a free will, you may have the opportunity to experience a shift in your mindset.

Self development begins with ‘scratching’ the surface of finding ‘the treasure’. It can be the beginning of your awareness that you can experience joy and happiness. It is about connecting to your authentic self.

I would encourage you to attend seminars, workshops on all areas of your life. T Harv Eker’s workshop is my latest discovery. When you start to attend these events, you would still need to work on the process of your journey from inside out. Coaching can be a group or one to one sessions to discover the beliefs, habits and values that had you conditioned up until now. Coaching gives you the opportunity to look at them objectively with a Life Coach, decide on who you want to become. Experience through a self discovery journey with your Coach and find out which beliefs, habits and values served you and which does not. How to change what you are doing or being that does not serve you with where you want to go. It is an exciting, exhilarating and effective process of the coach encouraging, supporting, motivating and managing the journey. We all need someone we can trust, who is non-judgemental, who accepts us for who we are, who beliefs in possibilities, who celebrates life; A Coach is one.

Are these some of the questions and things that you catch yourself asking?

“I want to get out of this good paying job that I hate and do what I love.”
“I want my life back!”
“I wish I can find happiness.”
“Why are you controlling me?”
“Is this what life is all about?”

• How to build my own business?
• Do you ever feel a tension between who you are and what you do?
• Given a golden handshake and don’t know what to do next?

Reach out and make that call! Make it happen, email me at dolly@mindset-coaching.com or call (65) 93636559 right now for more information of how you can make things happen for the better!



How Does It Work?

Coaching is done on a face to face meeting or on the phone. It does not matter where you live. It can be done in any part of the world, as long as there is a telephone! Coaching is a process of your experience of greater confidence, self-awareness, and courage to create bigger dreams, new habits, new behavior and personal satisfaction. As a new ‘you’ emerge, you will get to know your values and the alignment to your inner self. You are able to make conscious decisions to make things happen. Living life as human being versus human doing.

Usually when one is in an awaken state of mind, something inside you may say, “There is more to life than what is happening in my life right now. This is not how I want to live for the rest of my life.” Sometimes it could be a little voice saying, “This is not working! There must be a better way of doing things.” This dissatisfaction is a healthy sign of one who is thinking very often of moving to the next level in their life but do not know how. No clarity of where you are and where you
want to go.

A question for you: “One year down the road, where do you see yourself?”

Do you want to have a glimpse into the crystal ball? Give me a call at (65) 93636559 or dial “yeodolly”.
Alternatively, you can email me at dolly@mindset-coaching.com for more information about coaching.


This telephone conversation is about what you wish to get out of coaching and would also determine whether a mutually agreed appointment either on the phone or face to face is necessary. You will experience a real coaching session which would last for approx. 1-1/2 hours. The agenda is to find out which three areas of your life right now do you find are the most important in your life. During the session you will experience the process of defining, refining and shining of your goals. At the end of the first session you would have three inspiring goals which would have an impact in your life within the next six months. After your first session, there is no obligation to sign for the remaining eleven more sessions. Why eleven more sessions? The coaching series is a process of un-conditioning yourself, knowing your values, habits and beliefs; reconditioning yourself, experience breakthroughs and aligning your values to move forward powerfully towards your goals.

Do something different; Invest time and energy to educate you.



What Is Not Coaching?

A coach helps you find clarity, focuses on you getting what you want, moves you forward, keeps you on track, helps you build your mind muscle and support you to the next level.
Coaching is asking powerful questions, not giving advice or therapist work or counseling.



The Meaning of Professional Coaching

As a Professional Coach, I am often asked by clients for assistance in dealing with personal issues. These questions range from seeking a better way to connect with one’s own children to looking for more meaningful and fulfilling employment, and also from wishing to discover one’s passions to doubling one’s income or seeking to be in a committed relationship.

My clients also hope to discover what they really want in life, or how to get out of a life that is in a downward spiral. I have been asked to help provide choices for those who hated their jobs but loved the pay. People come to me seeking to boost their self-confidence and to develop a positive attitude.

I have worked on Professional Coaching assignments with a variety of clients: Senior VPs, Department Heads, Real Estate Directors, HR Managers, Doctors, Trainers, Consultants, Insurance Managers, Counselors, Parents, Fellow Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Youth.

How Exactly Does Professional Coaching Help?
One client once said to me: “Setting goals to cover many aspects of my life has allowed me to get a balance which I was previously lacking.” And added: “Consistent sessions with my coach to do a goals-audit definitely propelled me to phenomenal growth within a short span of 10 months.”

Skills and Values
Earning a client’s trust is vital to a Professional Coach. One client described the relationship of trust this way: “During the darkest and most vulnerable moments of my life you had generously shared your spirit of supporting, giving, and caring through your coaching profession. You were sensitive in stretching me to realize my strengths and yet balanced with endearing support and tenderness to keep me in momentum.”

Useful skills for a Professional Coach include rapport building, strong active listening, empathy, compassion, and trustworthiness. Additional skills may include intuition, inquisitiveness, giving positive feedbacks, and being seen by the client as someone who can change his or her life.

A Professional Coach must also be non-judgmental, totally honest, and be able to maintain strict confidentiality.



The Rewards of Professional Coaching

I feel a deep sense of satisfaction when the people I helped achieve success. This feeling increases both my motivation and my commitment to this particular line of coaching. As a result, I have gained much self-confidence and inner strength. I also discovered, along with my clients, that simple things found in everyday life can yield great joy and happiness.

I first discovered the benefits of Professional Coaching ten years ago when I was a client myself. I learnt immensely from the process. That experience taught me how to trust, which helped deepen my self-beliefs and gave me the freedom to be myself and connect with my inner self. I learnt what rapport between two people meant.

This process led to a self-discovery of my own disempowering habits, disempowering beliefs, and disempowering thinking that had all been instrumental on holding back myself from taking actions to achieve goals I had at first believed out of reach. I also experienced a shift in my mindset that allowed me to create new opportunities for myself. I was able to achieve goals in a single year that I had only dreamt of in the previous 5 years – goals that I haven’t even started working on yet then. The year when I sought help from a Professional Coach felt like a life bonus for me because it also inspired me to become a Professional Coach myself.



The Elements of Professional Coaching

A major element in the profession of Professional Coaching is the ability to shift the client’s mindset and to help in the process of breaking the patterns of disempowering thoughts and then replacing them with empowering beliefs to boost confidence levels.

After working as a Professional Coach for 3 months, the client explained: “I am in my early thirties and had been suffering from low self-esteem. I had a problem acknowledging the talents and strengths that I possessed. Being harsh and critical to my own self was a norm. But now I have gained a greater self-awareness and confidence, and actively working towards achieving all my goals. It never occurred to me that Professional Coaching could be such a transformational journey.”

This transformation creates great impact on clients’ lives and those of their families. An invaluable experience for the aspiring Professional Coach is often acquired during personal engagement with oneself and during Professional Coaching with others – to understand and to appreciate what a personal breakthrough feels like.

The other learning experience is during exploration of other areas in one’s life that may have been overlooked.

Having experienced receiving professional help from a Professional Coach myself, I have also learned how to incorporate the power of intuition during coaching sessions, which I often find quite useful a tool for a Professional Coach. I am now more powerfully able in Professional Coaching. I can ask very probing questions that may help clients discover their real selves, their true inner values, their beliefs, and their sense of well-being – all previously hidden within their subconscious minds.

Basically, a Professional Coach supports and encourages the client to forge ahead while maintaining his own accountability.